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Crowborough & District Lions Club

We were introduced to SME Solutions by means of their handling our club’s application for a Lottery Funding grant. Their submission on our behalf was successful and from this point on, they handled a complete re-design of our web page which was a very basic site created some 15+ years ago. Few of our members had any knowledge of web design and from the start of the project, we were encouraged to let them know exactly what we wished to be shown, especially the number of sections, the content, how much should be on public view and of course security. Once the design was completed, it was quickly submitted for our approval, tweaked as required and we were then given instructions on how to edit and maintain content as necessary. The process did not end there, as we initially and understandably had a few problems, which were quickly solved and guidance given. We now have a very professional end product. SME are hosting our domain and are there whenever we need them and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.