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What We Do

Since 2006, we have developed a scheme to help charities improve, create and renew their computer and office and IT equipment.

This has been achieved through grants available from national funders. The funding can be used to benefit anyone involved in the running of the charity or it can be used to directly benefit those who the charity has been set up to help.

Charity IT for your organisation

IT4Charity have successfully helped charities and voluntary organisations apply for, and be awarded, funding they never knew existed.

There are many grants available and organisations are sometimes deterred by the application process which can be stressful and unsuccessful. With our knowledge, expertise and support, we can help you through this process to enable you to obtain funding for your much needed project.

We help you apply for fully funded grants. There is no match funding. Our aim is to give help and support through every stage of the application process.

For more information, contact us free on 0800 877 8330.